Task Group on Atmospheric Chemical Kinetic Data Evaluation

Aqueous thematic NO3

This is a list of the currently available evaluated datasheets for Aqueous thematic NO3
A zip file containing all of the PDF format datasheets for this category is available : iupac_aqueous_thematic_no3.zip.  Please do not redistribute these datasheets or zipfile. They are for personal use only.
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ReactantsProductsFormatsLast change in
preferred values
Last evaluated
NO3· (aq) + [CH(OH)2]2 (aq)productsPDF   Word 2016-06-01  2017-05-01
NO3· (aq) + CH2(OH)COOH (aq)
NO3· (aq) + CH2(OH)COO- (aq)
productsPDF   Word 2016-06-01  2017-05-01
NO3· (aq) + (COOH)2 (aq)
NO3· (aq) + -OOC-COOH (aq)
NO3· (aq) + -OOC-COO- (aq)
productsPDF   Word 2017-05-01  2017-05-01

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