Task Group on Atmospheric Chemical Kinetic Data Evaluation

Summary Troe expression

This page is currently under construction. It will gradually and automatically be filled as part of ongoing work, and may therefore contains error. Please consult the relevant datasheets for the latest evaluations.

ID Reactions k298
cm³ molecule-1s-1
Δlogk Temp. dependence of k/cm³ molecule-1s-1 Δ(E/R)/ka Temperature range
HOx_VOC3HO + C2H4 + M →C2H4OH + M   7.8E-12 (1 bar air)not givenk0 = 8.6E-29*(T/300)-3.1*[N2]
k = 9.0E-12*(T/300)-0.85
Fc = 0.48 (unitless)
± 2
± 0.3